The Process for Creating a Financial Plan and Keeping It Up To Date

Exploratory Meeting

The purpose is to see if we would like to work together.  We ask spouses/partners to come to this meeting as we need to hear firsthand their views and objectives.

The meeting usually takes about an hour - there is no charge (it is at our cost).  In order to get the most out of this meeting we provide a short questionnaire to be completed in advance.

We tell you at this meeting how much our fee for your initial plan is likely to be. 

Fireside Chat


Fact-finding Meeting

This can be separate or follow on from the exploratory meeting. 

It covers hard facts such as assets and income, pensions and liabilities etc as well as objectives, personal views and family plans.  Additional information such as valuations and copies of wills and trusts can follow.  This meeting usually takes up to 2 hours.

Outline/Draft Plan - sent out ahead of a further meeting

We prepare a written plan covering the options and strategies to meet your objectives. 

Meeting to Agree the Plan and Implementing Recommendations/Action

We agree on any action, who will implement it and a timetable - it may be that it is best phased in over several months, even years, and in conjunction with your other advisers.  At this point we tell you what our fee will be for implementing recommendations.  This meeting usually take up to three hours.


We instigate reviews, usually annually but are available at anytime in between if a change of circumstance should occur, e.g. a new career, redundancy, additional children/grandchildren, bonus, property move etc. When the initial plan has been agreed and action implemented we can tell you what the fees for the annual reviews are likely to be.  

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