What Do We Do?

1.  Help people live the lives they want (within their financial resources). We encourage and support change, for example moving from a highly paid but unfulfilling career, spending more time with their families, travel, philanthropy or achieving a particular goal.

2.  Devise a financial plan to achieve the points in 1.

3.  Arrange investments and financial products to achieve the financial plan.  For those who already have investment managers and IFAs, we are happy to work alongside them rather than do this ourselves.

For some it is a 'financial GP' and 'hand-holding' service.  For others it is more analytical and perhaps a second opinion.


We are financial planners and don't take on one-off projects such as school fee planning or pensions, although we do advise on them as part of an overall plan.  We don't think any single subject should be treated separately. 

How Do We Do It?

First we establish what you and your family want to achieve with your lives and devise a financial plan around this.

 We take into account:





Working With Other Advisers

We are happy to work with your existing advisers such as solicitor, accountant and investment adviser, or we can provide our own contacts if required.

Family Members

We frequently liaise/work with other family members eg. a widow may want her children to be involved.